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Physical Therapy at Newark Pain and Rehab Center

Physical therapy is a form of treatment involving exercise, body mechanics training and stretches that are geared towards increasing mobility and strength, proper body positioning and increasing overall quality of life.  Patients are first evaluated based on their individual needs and abilities and an indiviNewark Chiropractor Offers Physical Therpydual course of treatment is created. The initial evaluation is usually performed by a licensed physical therapist, and the course of treatment is approved by Dr. Saraceno.

Physical rehabilitation plans are instrumental in helping patients recover from auto injuries, work injuries, sports injuries, or to heal chronic pain, like back pain and shoulder pain. At our center, Dr. Saraceno uses his knowledge of the musculoskeletal system to create customized treatment plans that can rehabilitative injuries or help athletes optimize their athletic performance.

Newark Patients Find Back Pain Relief With Physical Therapy

Particular areas of interest in physiotherapy to our chiropractor include muscle training and strength building.  Many times, back pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, sciatica and leg pain are caused or at least worsened by improper posture. Quite often, the muscles needed to maintain proper posture are atrophied, or underdeveloped, and need to be strengthened and retrained to support proper spinal alignment.  By strengthening the muscles that support the spine, back pain can be significantly reduced or eliminated.  

Undergoing physiotherapy while having chiropractic care will vastly increase the speed at which you recover and regain your full health.  To relieve back pain or recover from injuries, patients will be provided a comprehensive rehabilitation plan. We understand the busy and fast pace lifestyle that many patients lead, but consistency is essential to successful recovery or optimal performance. All the exercises you will be prescribed have proven to bNewark Physical Therapy for Sports Injuriese effective in alleviating pain and restoring people to their proper level of wellness and should not be ignored.

Coupled with chiropractic care, physical therapy is highly effective in restoring function and relieving persistent pain from strokes and heart attacks, sports injuries, auto injuries, work injuries and so much more; even the aches and pains that develop from sedentary lifestyles. Our Center understand that an injury can be painful, uncomfortable and limiting. Physical rehabilitation that is custom-designed for you at our Center, will help you to recover and even increase your mobility, agility, and flexibility. We offer you our experience and knowledge of rehabilitation to help you reach your pain relief or performance goals.

Along with physiotherapy, our team of professionals can be consulted on various other lifestyle changes to optimize your health.  We believe that no health problem is completely isolated, and that addressing factors such as diet and exercise can work wonders to bring you to a new level of health and wellbeing.  If you feel like you can benefit from physiotherapy, call us and we can provide you with a course of therapy that will bring you to your full potential.

If you have questions about physical rehabilitation, chiropractic care, or any of the other services that we provide, we encourage you to call us at 973-344-0012.