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Chiropractic Care at Newark Pain and Rehab Center

At Newark Pan and Rehab Center, we are committed to providing the customized chiropractic care to our clients in Newark and the surrounding areas.  Dr. Vincent Saraceno provides care for patients in the surrounding areas of North and South Ironbound, Irvington and East Orange.  Our Center employs advanced chiropractic techniques and tools to ensure comfortable, effective and safe treatment for patients that are looking for pain relief, pain management plans, or who want to maximize their athletic performance.

Newark Chiropractic Care and Our Modern Techniques

Chiropractic care used to treat various injuries and diseases by manipulating the spinal column and focusing on the overall health of the spine and the nervous system. We employ chiropractic care in newark treats neck painour techniques to treat back pain, arm pain, neck pain, leg pain, shoulder pain, and sciatica.  The underlying cause of many types of persistent pain is often a misalignment of the vertebrae or discs, which causes nerve impingement.  Our chiropractor seeks to realign the spinal column and reduce any pressure on nerves by using tools and techniques designed for this purpose.

Manual spinal adjustments are performed by a chiropractor physically positioning the patient and applying pressure in order to bring the vertebrae and discs back into alignment.  On the most apparent level, it is highly effective in treating shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain and sciatica.  Manual spinal adjustments have also been proven to be highly effective for arm pain, leg pain and headaches as well as a host of other chronic illnesses.

In more recent years, chiropractic care has evolved immensely, with the use of newer technology and advancement in existing tools.  Spinal decompression, for instance, was formerly performed surgically.  Now, with our modern advancements, we can perform spinal decompression without surgery which dramatically shortens your recovery time.  Our modern alignment tools are precise and able to accurately target any spinal or musculoskeletal issues.

Our chiropractor may also prescribe acupuncture, lifestyle and nutritional advice, and physical therapy to ensure our clients recover quickly and stay well.  Our combination of spinal adjustments using modern equipment along with acupuncture and physical therapy has proven to more quickly and permanently relieve our clients of a host of ailments. We are able to effectively treat baAcupuncture and massage at Newark Chiropractic centersic shoulder pain, back pain, arm pain, and leg pain, and sciatica to less understood conditions such as fibromyalgia.

Whatever your pain issue, and whatever the cause, our Center will address your needs effectively, safely and on an individual basis.  From from neck pain, to shoulder pain, to arm pain, back pain, sciatica and leg pain, we have advanced tools and techniques to help you along in your path to wellness.  Our Center treats patients in Newark and the surrounding areas of North and South Ironbound, Irvington and East Orange.  Our commitment to you is to make you pain free as quickly as possible so you can get back to enjoying life. For more information, you can look more at our website, subscribe to our celebrated newsletter, or call us at 973-344-0012.